Here is our guide to pricing and options for payment. Also listed are our guidelines and Terms of Service for your benefit.

Thank you for choosing KCPC Tech!

‘WE COME TO YOU’ SERVICES (when we are physically at your location)


KCPC Tech is very competitive in our pricing charging only $75 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour of service. After the first hour, we charge in rounded up half hour increments.

EXAMPLE: If the call goes for 1 hour and 10 minutes, you are billed for 1.5 hours of service time.

There is a $15 travel charge to come to your location. This is to cover a mileage fee for travel!  It is a flat fee and does not count towards the hourly service rate.

If we need a part to fix your computer, we will have to leave your location to purchase the part.  We do not upcharge the part, however we do stay on the clock while we go get the part.

Phone calls and remote services are billed at our regular hourly rate in increments of 30 minutes. There is a 30 minutes minimum for both phone calls and remote connections.


KCPC Tech will usually try to fill the time you are being charged for and have often offered to do odd jobs around the house if the job is completed in less than an hour.  This is not always the case as sometimes we get backed up and have to get to our next appointment, but we will always make sure you are completely taken care of before we go! 

KCPC Tech is here help you and take some of the stress out of having a computer issue. 

We do like friendly conversation and will do our best to explain what the issue is and how we fixed it so that you’ll know how to prevent the issue from happening again.