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The other day I went on a call to fix a few minor issues.  Over the phone, it sounded like a security certificate had expired.

When I arrived, we discovered that it was in fact not a security certificate at all, but that the cookie in Firefox had expired.  Seemed like a simple fix; clear the cookies and re-enter her email login credentials. We did that and she was back in her email in no time.

Usually, on a call I like for the people to show me the issue themselves, then I sit down and fix the issue.  Then I check to see if the issue is solved by testing the steps that caused the error.  Once I am satisfied that I solved the problem, I like for the client to sit down and run through the same steps as I look over their shoulder.  This case was no different.

Except that, wouldn’t you know, when she sat down, it did the same thing again!

Since the client was on Windows 10, we tried logging into her email using Microsoft Edge.  Success! I set the home page to her email login and told her that there must be an issue with Firefox.  She seemed happy with this solution and thanked me for coming out.

The NEXT DAY she called again saying that her computer was doing “something screwy”. She couldn’t type in the TO: field of her email!

I went back to the house to see this for myself and try and figure out what the issue was.  No explanation for it!  Firefox was working fine again, but Microsoft Edge was not playing by the rules.

For 3 hours we ran virus scans, malware scans, cleared cookies, cleared cache, and even installed new antivirus!

Things seemed to be working again for both of us, so again, she paid me and I went home.

The same night, she called and said it was acting up again!  I now have her computer at my home and am going to back things up and completely wipe and restore everything on there.  On my dime!

That’s right.  I am NOT going to charge her AGAIN for this issue.  I am going to make sure her computer is running top notch and then I am going to give it back to her with a huge satisfied smile and thank her for letting me take her computer and fix it up.

Why would I do that?  Generally, the rule of thumb is, “if it is working when I leave, then any calls to me after that are separate calls and should be charged again.”

Because customers matter!  Yes, I could charge her again for doing this, but imagine you were her.  Would YOU want to pay someone to fix the same issue again?

I think that customer service is THE most important part of running a business.  Business owners need to focus more on their customers and what would be best for them.

KCPC Tech fixes computers, but our business is customer service!

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